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Car shipping

Shanghai Huayu logistics consignment by car in order to meet the current community private and more and more need to use the car, for personnel for circulation of personnel and vehicles to be shipped all over social issues, our customer requirements, opened in Shanghai destined for car shipping business across the country, cars, commercial vehicles, vans, off-road vehicle, such as implementation of the whole consignment. Whether you are a business manager or the white-collar workers, or whether you are a unit or individual, and no matter how busy you are, as long as you're not too busy to a phone call, we will arrange a door-to-door salesman, and you signed your car shipping contracts, invoices, insurance agent, reasonable safety, on-time, fast.

company's service philosophy: "do customers in every trust, to the trust of our customers feedback about our company" to provide on-site services for valuables insurance agent.

for my company car shipment organized, providing specialized vehicle shipping car shipping company, checked the company has experienced in the process of the car driver.

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